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Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive

This guide showcases the collections of the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive

Pride Guides & Voters' Guides

Pride Guides (1994 - 2004)

Pride of the Lehigh Valley was an all volunteer organization started in January 1993 to promote the 1993 March on Washington. They distributed information on the March and sponsored busses to the March from the Lehigh Valley. When people returned from the March, filled with excitement and enthusiasm, they decided the Lehigh Valley needed a special event for its own LGBT community. Therefore, the PRIDE Festival (now known as Pride in the Park) was held in 1993 to help advance LGBT rights and pride in the Lehigh Valley through community outreach. The Pride Guide was created to show the many advertisers who support Pride and the LGBT community in general. In September 2017, Pride of the Lehigh Valley merged with the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.


Voters' Guides (1993-2000)

The League of Gay and Lesbian Voters was a non-partisan organization concerned with issues of special concern to the lesbigay community in Pennsylvania. Their primary activities involve voter registration and education of voters, legislators and candidates. The first Voters’ Guide was published for the primary election of 1988. The purpose of Voter's Guide is to let lesbigay and supportive voters know as accurately as possible candidates' positions on issues important to lesbigay people.