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Off-campus access to Panopto content

Panopto Links in Encompass

Panopto is Muhlenberg's authenticated video solution.  It is a stand-alone video platform on which audio-visual resources can be created, stored, and managed.

Content in Panopto is available to Muhlenberg students, faculty and staff via the OneLogin "Single Sign-on" service, so if you are already logged in to OneLogin, AV assets from Panopto should be available to you.  However, if you are searching Encompass while NOT logged in via OneLogin, and you locate a link to content available through Panopto, you will be asked to Authenticate.  

Click on the drop down where the red arrow is shown below:

Sign in to Panopto

You will need to change the top option from "Panopto" to "OneLogin".

Change to OneLogin

When you click on "Sign in" you will be taken to the Muhlenberg OneLogin Application portal, where you can sign in with your usual credentials.

Connect to Panopto with OneLogin

After authentication, you will be returned to Panopto, and you should have access to the AV resource(s) you need.