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American Music

How do I find scholarly books on my subject?

Here are some books that contain relevant material:

Allentown 1762-1987 (level C, call #974.827 A433se)
19th, 20th centuries.

Allentown: A Pictorial History (level C, call #974.827 B655a)
19th, 20th centuries.

Proceedings of the Lehigh County Historical Society (level C, call #974.827 L522p)
20th century. See especially index in 2004 issue, but also general index.

Pennsylvania Dutch, by Klees (level C, call #974.81 K63p)
18th century.

Pennsylvania Dutch, by Parsons (level C, call #974.81 P272p)
18th century.

Lehigh Valley: An Illustrated History (level C, call #974.82 H177l)
20th century.

A History of Bethlehem Pennsylvania (level C, call #974.822 L661h)
18th, 19th centuries.

Arts of the Pennsylvania Germans (level C, call #974.81 P4161 v. 17)
18th, 19th centuries.

Bethlehem of Pennsylvania (level C, call #974.822 B5621)
18th, 19th centuries.

Bethlehem of Pennsylvania: The Golden Years (level C, call #974.822 B5622)
19th, 20th centuries.

America's Musical Life: A History (level B, call #780.973 C899a)
18th, 19th centuries.

Historical Notes on Music in Bethlehem, PA. (level B, call #780.9748 G847h)
18th, 19th centuries.

Music and Musicians of Pennsylvania (level B, call #780.9748 R739m)
18th, 19th centuries.

Musical Life in the Pennsylvania Settlements of the Unitas Fratrum (level B, call #780.9748 D249m)
18th, 19th centuries.

The Bethlehem Bach Choir (level B, call #780.9 W235b)
19th, 20th centuries.

Church Music and Musical Life in Pennsylvania in the XVIII Century (level B, call #783 N277c)
18th century.

Northampton Heritage (level C, call #974.822 A361n)
18th, 19th centuries.

How do I find newspaper articles about music in the Lehigh Valley?

How do I locate peer-reviewed journal articles?

Can I search all the library databases and catalog together, in one search?

Most of the databases and the library catalog can be searched together in the library search engine called Encompass Search found on the Trexler Library website. Most useful when working with narrow topics where you need everything that's available.  

Citing sources

For tips on citing print and electronic sources, visit Trexler Library's Citation Guides for Print and Electronic Resources.

Or visit the Online Writing Lab at Purdue.

For automated citation, try the shareware Zotero. Directions for installing Zotero here.

For help with annotated bibliographies, visit Purdue's Online Writing Lab for definitions and format of an annotation.

Articles and books via interlibrary loan

Articles and books not found in Trexler Library can be ordered on interlibrary loan.