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Using Shelf Browse in Encompass Search

The shelf browse function can help you find what is on the shelf -- even if you're not in the Library!

Showing items in other locations

That’s not the end of the story, however. 

This feature was designed for libraries that may have items in multiple locations.  It will also show items that WOULD be located next to or near an item, even if they are not PHYSICALLY located there.  

One example would be if a library has an “off campus” storage facility (which we don’t... yet) or if a book that normally would sit next to another book is checked out or mis-shelved.  

Another possibility is that the Library owns a CD or DVD, or a book in Special Collections, all of which are shelved in separate areas, but are within the same call number range… shelf browse will show you all of these--in Dewey number order!

When we were very young

"When we were very young" by A.A. Milne shown in the Juvenile collection AND as a 'first edition' in the Rare Book collection!