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Digital Scholarship

The tools listed below can be of use in digital scholarship mapping projects.

Mapping Tools

StoryMapJS / Gigapixel

Use of existing base maps, tile sets for mapping large images, needs a container, lives on KnightLab servers.


Google My Maps

Fairly robust GIS, bound to Google maps and satellite images, bound to your Google account, ability to share and publish, but not collaborate.



Free, open, mobile-device bound geospatial data collection/field data collection.  Can build forms and use without network connection.  Syncing once back on-network.  Integrates with GIS applications.



Crowdsourced map.  Local contexts.





Full-featured GIS.  F/LOSS.  Lots to learn, but does A LOT.  Both presentation and analysis.


Omeka with Neatline

A plugin for Omeka that permits mapping and route-building.