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Special Collections: Muhlenberg College Collection (College Archives)

This collection contains the published works of the College ( "The Muhlenberg Weekly," the "Ciarla," student handbooks, etc.) as well as collected documentation relating to College history, campus buildings, administrators, faculty and staff, student orga

Muhlenberg's Yearbook, The Ciarla

The Ciarla is the student yearbook of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Throughout its nearly 130-year history, the Ciarla has commemorated Muhlenberg’s academic, social, and sporting activities.

Trexler Library’s Special Collections & Archives makes student-produced publications available for historical research. As historical documents that are representative of their respective eras, some issues may contain imagery and text that reflect racial prejudices and injustices that are not in any way condoned by the College or Trexler Library. We present them in their entirety to aid in the understanding of history and culture both in the nation and at the College.

Visit the Ciarla guide below to learn more about the publication and view the digitized yearbook.

The Ciarla (1961)