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First Year Seminar (FYS) Subject Guide

How do I get the Full-text of my article?

To get the full-text of an article:

- If you are in a library database with "Get-it" buttons, click on "Get-it." This button will take you the full text of your article or tell you that the full text cannot be found. If the full text is not available from Trexler Library, interlibrary loan the book or article.

- If you have citation information for the article (title, author, etc.), type the information about your article into Encompass. Find the article on the results list, and click on the title. If you have access to the article via Trexler Library, a link to full text or view-now will be provided.  If not, you can request a copy of the article by clicking the "Request Item" button.

- If Trexler Library does not have access to the full text of the article, you can also search Google Scholar by article title to see if the author has made a copy freely available online. Look to the far right of the article's title to see if there is a link to a freely available copy.