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Center for Ethics: Market Values (2012-2013)

Jerry Evensky (September 5)

Works by Jerry Evensky

"Adam Smith's Lost Legacy." Southern Economic Journal. 67.3 (2001): 497-517. Available here.

"Adam Smith's 'Theory of Moral Sentiments': On Morals and Why They Matter to a Liberal Society of Free People and Free Markets." Journal of Economic Perspectives. 19.3 (2005): 109-130. Available here.

"Ethics and the Invisible Hand." The Journal of Economic Perspectives. 7.2 (1993): 197-205. Available here.

"The Role of Community Values in Modern Classical Liberal Economic Thought." Scottish Journal of Political Economy. 39.1 (1992): 21-38. Available here.

Works about Jerry Evensky

Maxwell School: Jerry Evensky, Professor, Economics. Web. 19 Sept. 2012. Available here.

Works about ethical dimensions of the philosophies of Adam Smith

Dwyer, John. "Ethics And Economics: Bridging Adam Smith's Theory Of Moral Sentiments And Wealth Of Nations." Journal Of British Studies 44.4 (2005): 662-687. Available here.

Medema, Steven G. The Hesitant Hand: Taming Self-Interest in the History of Economic Ideas. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 2009. Available in Trexler Library call #  330.1 M488h.

Michael Franz (September 18)

Works by Michael Franz

Campaign Advertising and American Democracy. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2007. Available in Trexler Library, call # 324.730973 C186a.

"Campaign Advertising and Democratic Citizenship." American Journal Of Political Science 48.4 (2004): 723-741. Available here.

"Does Political Advertising Persuade?." Political Behavior 29.4 (2007): 465-491. Available here.

"Evaluating Measures Of Campaign Tone." Political Communication 25.2 (2008): 158-179. Available here.

Works about Michael Franz

Michael Franz. 2012. Web. 11 September, 2012. Available here.

Works about campaign advertising

Fridkin, Kim L., and Patrick Kenney. "Variability In Citizens' Reactions To Different Types Of Negative Campaigns." American Journal Of Political Science 55.2 (2011): 307-325. Available here.

Nichols, John, and Robeet W. McChestney. "The Assault Of The Super PACS." Nation 294.6 (2012): 11-17. Available here.

Ridout, Travis N., and Erika Franklin Fowler. "Explaining Perceptions Of Advertising Tone." Political Research Quarterly 65.1 (2012): 62-75.  Available here.

The Corporation (October 30)

Works by the director, Mark Achbar

Achbar, Mark. The Corporation: A Documentary. Zeitgeist Films, 2004. Available in Trexer Library, call # 658 C822a

Achbar, Mark. Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media. New York, NY: Zeitgeist Films Ltd., 1994. Available in Trexler Library, call 302.23 M294c

Works about the film

Christensen, Christian. "Political Documentary, Online Organization And Activist Synergies." Studies In Documentary Film 3.2 (2009): 77-94. Available here.

Higgins, Lynn A. “Documentary in an Age of Terror.” South Central Review 22.2 (2005): 20–38. Available here.

Levin, Jane. "The Corporation." Screen Education 36 (2004): 16-20. Available here.

Weinberger, Seth. "The Corporation, Directed And Produced." Political Communication 23.2 (2006): 250-252. Available here.

Works about the nature and history of corporations

Beets, S. "Critical Events In The Ethics Of U.S. Corporation History." Journal Of Business Ethics 102.2 (2011): 193-219. Available here.

Blokhuis, Jason C. “Channel One: When Private Interests and the Public Interest Collide.” American Educational Research Journal 45.2 (2008): 343–363. Available here.

Drucker, Peter Ferdinand. Concept of the Corporation. 2nd rev. ed. New York: New American Library, 1983. Available in Trexler Library, call #  338.74 D794c

Iyer, Arun. "The Missing Dynamic: Corporations, Individuals And Contracts." Journal Of Business Ethics 67.4 (2006): 393-406. Available here.

Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl. Responsibility, Ethics, and Legitimacy of Corporations. 1st ed. [Frederiksberg, Denmark] : Portland, OR: Copenhagen Business School Press ; International Specialized Book Services [distributor], 2009. Available in Trexler Library at call # 174.4 R397r

Nothing Like Chocolate (November 15)

Works by the director, Kum-Kum Bhavnani

Bhavnani, Kum-Kum. Feminist Futures: Re-imagining Women, Culture and Development. New York: Zed Books, 2003. Available in Trexler Library, call # 305.42 B575f

Bhavnani, Kum-Kum. The Shape of Water. 2006. Videodisc. Available in Trexler Library, audiovisual collection, call # 305.42 S529o

Works about Bhavnani and her films

Ampofo, Akosua Adomako. "The Shape Of Water? Women's Activism? A View From Ghana." Feminism & Psychology 18.1 (2008): 135-141. Available here.

"When Worlds Collide." Women's Review Of Books 19.5 (2002): 13. Available here.

Works about the social responsibility of business

Devinney, Timothy M. "Is The Socially Responsible Corporation A Myth? The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Corporate Social Responsibility." Academy Of Management Perspectives 23.2 (2009): 44-56. Available here.

Hart, Stuart L. Capitalism at the Crossroads: Next Generation Business Strategies for a Post-crisis World. 3rd ed. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Wharton School Pub, 2010. Available in Trexler Library, call # 658.408 H326c

Jacobsen, Joseph. Sustainable Business and Industry: Designing and Operating for Social and Environmental Responsibility. Milwaukee, Wis: ASQ Quality Press, 2011. Available in Trexler Library, call # 658.408 J17s

Pacyniak, Bernard. "Daring To Be Square. (Cover Story)." Candy Industry 172.6 (2007): 20-25. Available here.

Pacyniak, Bernard. "Going Green." Candy Industry 176.10 (2011): 14-18.  Available here.

Angus Burgin (January 15)

Works by Angus Burgin

The Great Persuasion : Reinventing Free Markets since the Depression. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 2012. On order.

Works about Angus Burgin

Angus Burgin. Web. 15 Jan. 2013. Available here.

Solow, Robert M. "The Serfdom Scare." New Republic 243.18 (2012): 40-43. Available here.

Works about free markets since the depression

Armey, Dick, and Malcolm Forbes Jr. "Serfdom USA." Policy Review 69 (1994): 14. Available here.

Ebenstein, Alan O. Milton Friedman: a Biography. 1st ed. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. Available in Trexler Library at call #330.973 F911xe.

Hayek, Friedrich A. von. The Road to Serfdom. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1969. Available in Trexler Library at call #338.91 H417r.

Holcombe, Randall G. "Government: Unnecessary But Inevitable." Independent Review 8.3 (2004): 325-342. Available here.

Maki, Uskali, ed. The Methodology of Positive Economics: Reflections on the Milton Friedman Legacy. Cambridge, UK ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. Available in Trexler Library, call #330.1 F911em.

Plant, Raymond. "Neo-Liberalism And The Theory Of The State." Political Quarterly 75.(2004): 24-37. Available here.

Steele, G. R. The Economics of Friedrich Hayek. 2nd ed. Basingstoke [England] ; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. Available in Trexler Library at call #330.92 H417zs.

Wapshott, Nicholas. Keynes Hayek: The Clash That Defined Modern Economics. 1st ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 2011. Available in Trexler Library at call #330.156 W252k.

Benjamin Hale (February 19)

Works by Benjamin Hale

"Moral Considerability: Deontological, Not Metaphysical." Ethics & The Environment 16.2 (2011): 37-62. Available here.

"Nonrenewable Resources And The Inevitability Of Outcomes." Monist 94.3 (2011): 369-390. Available here.

"Open To Debate: Moral Consideration and the Lab Monkey." American Journal of Bioethics June 2008: 53+. Available here.

"Private Property And Environmental Ethics:." Metaphilosophy 39.3 (2008): 402-421. Available here.

"Risk, Judgment And Fairness In Research Incentives." American Journal Of Bioethics 7.2 (2007): 82-83. Available here.

Works about Benjamin Hale

Benjamin Hale. Web. 15 Jan. 2013. Available here.

Works about environmental ethics and the marketplace

Ferdowsian, Hope. "Human And Animal Research Guidelines: Aligning Ethical Constructs With New Scientific Developments." Bioethics 25.8 (2011): 472-478. Available here.

Ferdowsian, Hope. "Why We Need Alternatives." Chronicle Of Higher Education 57.12 (2010): B9-B10. Available here.

Mathews, Freya. "The Eco-Genesis Of Ethics And Religion." Journal For The Study Of Religion, Nature & Culture 5.3 (2011): 263-283. Available here.

Thompson, Allen. "Responsibility For The End Of Nature: Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Global Warming." Ethics & The Environment 14.1 (2009): 79-99. Available here.

Branko Milanovic (February 26)

Works by Branko Milanovic

Braithwaite, Jeanine, Christiaan Grootaert, and Branko Milanovic. Poverty and Social Assistance in Transition Countries. 1st ed. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000. Available in Trexler Library, call #362.580947 B814p.

“Can We Discern the Effect of Globalization on Income Distribution? Evidence from Household Surveys.” The World Bank Economic Review 19.1 (2005): 21–44. Available here.

"Economic Integration And Income Convergence: Not Such A Strong Link?." Review Of Economics & Statistics 88.4 (2006): 659-670. Available here.

The Haves and the Have-Nots : A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Global Inequality. New York: Basic Books, 2011. Available in Trexler Library, call #339.2 M637h.

Kapstein, Ethan B., and Branko Milanovic. "Income And Influence: Social Policy In Emerging Market Economies." Society 41.5 (2004): 59-60. Available here.

Kapstein, Ethan B., and Milanovic Branko. "Responding To Globalization: Social Policy In Emerging Market Economies." Global Social Policy 1.2 (2001): 191-212. Available here.

Milanovic, Branko, and Shlomo Yitzhaki. "Decomposing World Income Distribution: Does The World Have A Middle Class?." Review Of Income & Wealth 48.2 (2002): 155. Available here.

Worlds Apart: Measuring International and Global Inequality. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press, 2005. Available in Trexler Library, call # 330.9 M637w.

Works about Branko Milanovic

Djajic, Slobodan. "Worlds Apart: Measuring International And Global Inequality – By Branko Milanovic." Review Of International Economics 14.3 (2006): 522-523. Available here.

"Inequality In The World Economy- By The Numbers [Interview with Milanovic]." Multinational Monitor 24.7/8 (2003): 23-29. Available here.

Works about the effect of globalization on inequality

Haase, Dwight. "The Wealth (And Want) Of Nations: The Impact Of Economic Globalization On The Developing World." Perspectives On Global Development & Technology 11.1 (2012): 38-49. Available here.

Onyeiwu, Steve, Raluca Iorgulescu Polimeni, and John M. Polimeni. "Distributional Impact Of Globalization-Induced Migration: Evidence From A Nigerian Village." African Development Review 20.1 (2008): 115-134.  Available here.

Sister Nora Nash (March 13)

Works about Sister Nora Nash

Frykholm, Amy. "Investing In Change [Interview with Nash]." Christian Century 129.17 (2012): 10-11. Available here.

Hannum, Kristen. "Sister Pat Battles The Board." U.S. Catholic 76.12 (2011): 18-22. Available here.

Kavanaugh, Peter. "Nuns and Wall Street."Messenger of St. Anthony. Web. Available here.

Roose, Kevin. "Nuns Who Won't Stop Nudging." The New York Times 13 November 2011: BU1. Available here.

Williams, Sally. "The Unlikely Activists." The Sunday Telegraph (London) 15 July 2012: 12,13. Available here.

Works about corporate social responsibility

Bilchitz, David. "Do Corporations Have Positive Fundamental Rights Obligations?." Theoria: A Journal Of Social & Political Theory 57.125 (2010): 1-35. Available here.

Nick, Lin-Hi. "The Problem With A Narrow-Minded Interpretation Of CSR: Why CSR Has Nothing To Do With Philanthropy." Ramon Llull Journal Of Applied Ethics 1 (2010): 79-95. Available here.

Welker, Marina, and David Wood. “Shareholder Activism and Alienation.” Current Anthropology 52.S3 (2011): S57–S69. Available here.

Werther, William B. Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders in a Global Environment. 2nd ed. Los Angeles: Sage, 2011. Available at Trexler Library, call #658.408 W499s.

Lawrence Lessig (April 15)

Works by Lawrence Lessig

"Against Transparency." New Republic 240.19 (2009): 37-44. Available here.

"The Founders Versus The Funders." Progressive 76.10 (2012): 20-22. Available here.

"How to Get Our Democracy Back: There Will Be No Change Until We Change Congress." Nation 290.7 (2010): 11-19. Available here.

Works about Lawrence Lessig

Faux, Jeff. "Big Dollar, Little Democracy." Dissent (00123846) 59.4 (2012): 89-95. Available here.

Hayes, Christopher. "Mr. Lessig Goes To Washington." Nation 286.23 (2008): 24-30. Available here.

Shapiro, Walter. "The Campaign-Industrial Complex." Washington Monthly 44.1/2 (2012): 45-50. Available here.

Shea, Christopher. "Unconventional Meeting Of Minds." Chronicle Of Higher Education 58.5 (2011): A1-A6. Available here.

Works about Congressional corruption

Kamin, Julia. "Of Sunlight And Sausages." Kennedy School Review 10.(2010): 45-49. Available here.

Linbeck III, Leo1. "Why Congress Doesn't Work." American Conservative 11.7 (2012): 12-19. Available here

Poole, Robert M. "When Everybody Loved Congress." American History (2012): 54-59. Available here.

Sinclair, Barbara. "Question: What's Wrong With Congress? Answer: It's A Democratic Legislature." Boston University Law Review 89.2 (2009): 387-397. Available here.

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