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Center for Ethics: Civility and Disobedience (2014-2015)

Barbara Cruikshank (2 September 2014)

Works by Barbara Cruikshank

"Feminism and Punishment." Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society. 24.4 (1999). Available here.

"Too, and Too Little." Politics & Gender. 1.2 (2005): 336-341. Available here.

The Will to Empower: Democratic Citizens and Other Subjects. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 1999. Available in the Muhlenberg Room, Trexler Library, call # 324.630973 C955w.

Works about Barbara Cruikshank

Alvarez, Cruikshank Receive Mellon LASA Seminars Initiative Award. University of Massachusetts, 2013. 11 July 2014. Available here.

Barbara Cruikshank. University of Massachusetts, 2014. Web. 11 July 2014. Available here.

Works about activism and protest movements

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McAnany, Emile G. Saving the World: A Brief History of Communication for Development and Social Change. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2012. Available here.

Muhlenberg Alumni Activism (12 September 2014)

Works about the panelists

Alexander Lotorto. 2011. Available here

Alumni Profiles: Kelly Howe. N.d. Available here.

Baxter, Christopher. "Newsmaker Q&A: Adrian Shanker Gay Rights Advocate." Morning Call, Jan 23, 2011. Available here.

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Works about activism

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Scott Lemieux (17 September 2014)

Works by Scott Lemieux

"Author Page for Scott Lemieux." Web blog post. Lawyers, Guns & Money. 2014. Available here.

"Scalia Gets It Right." Web blog post. The American Prospect. 3 June 2013. Available here.

“The Zimmerman Acquittal Isn’t about ‘Stand Your Ground.’” Web blog post. The American Prospect. 14 July 2013. Available here.

Works about Scott Lemieux

Lemieux, Scott. 2014. Available here.

Works about blogging as activism

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The Molly Maguires (23 September 2014)

Works about the film The Molly Maguires

Guy, F. "James Bond, what are You Doing in that Coal Mine?" New York Times: 1. Jun 16 1968.Available here.

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Background about the Molly Maguires

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Kenny, Kevin. "The Molly Maguires In Popular Culture." Journal Of American Ethnic History 14.4 (1995): 27. Available here.

Erik Loomis (24 September 2014)

Works by Erik Loomis

"Author Page for Erik Loomis." Web blog post. Lawyers, Guns & Money. 2014. Available here.

["Labor Online Blog Posts by Erik Loomis."] Labor and Working Class History Association. 2014. Available here.

Loomis, E, and R Edgington. "Lives Under the Canopy: Spotted Owls and Loggers in Western Forests." Natural Resources Journal. 52.1 (2013): 99-134. Available here.

Works about Erik Loomis

Dr. Erik Loomis. University of Rhode Island, 2014. Available here.

"University of Rhode Island Issues New Statement on Erik Loomis." Crooked Timber. 24 December 2012. Available here.

Works about labor and environmentalism

Barca, Stefania. "Laboring The Earth: Transnational Reflections On The Environmental History Of Work." Environmental History 19.1 (2014): 3-27. Available here.

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Ursula Rucker (11 October 2014)

Works by Ursula Rucker

"l.o.v.e." YouTube. 2010. Available here.

"For Women."  YouTube. N.d. Available here.

"I Ain't (Yo Punk Ass Bitch)." YouTube. 2010. Available here.

"Lonely Can Be Sweet." YouTube. 2010. Available here.

Works about Ursula Rucker

Bost, Suzanne. “‘Be Deceived If Ya Wanna Be Foolish’: (Re)constructing Body, Genre, and Gender in Feminist Rap.” Postmodern Culture 12.1 (2001): n. pag. Available here.

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Works about spoken word poetry

Biggs-El, Cynthia. "Spreading The Indigenous Gospel Of Rap Music And Spoken Word Poetry: Critical Pedagogy In The Public Sphere As A Stratagem Of Empowerment And Critique." Western Journal Of Black Studies 36.2 (2012): 161-168. Available here.

Fisher, Maisha T. "The Song Is Unfinished": The New Literate And Literacy And Their Institutions." Written Communication 21.3 (2004): 290-309. Available here.

Ingalls, Rebecca. "'Stealing The Air': The Poet-Citizens Of Youth Spoken-Word." Journal Of Popular Culture 45.1 (2012): 99-117. Available here.

David Pellow (20 October 2014)

Works by Daniel Pellow

Brulle, Robert J, and David N. Pellow. "Environmental Justice: Human Health and Environmental Inequalities." Annual Review of Public Health. 27.1 (2006). Available here.

"From "Just Us" to Justice: Connecting the Environment, Community, and Academy." Sociological Forum. 14.2 (1999). Available here.

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Works about Daniel Pellow

Daniel Pellow. 2014. Available here.

Desai, Uday. "Resisting Global Toxics Transnational Movements For Environmental Justice – By David Naguib Pellow." Review Of Policy Research 25.6 (2008): 584-586. Available here.

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Works about environmental justice

Hall, Matthew. Victims of Environmental Harm: Rights, Recognition and Redress Under National and International Law. Florence, KY: Taylor and Francis, 2013. Available here.

Wilks, Sarah. Seeking Environmental Justice. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008. Available here.

Caroll Bogert (27-30 October)

Works by Caroll Bogert

“What Are the BRICS Building?” Slate. The Slate Group, 28 Mar. 2013. Available here.

“Old Hands, New Voice.” Columbia Journalism Review. 24 March 2009. Available here.

“Similar Paths, Different Missions: International Journalists and Human Rights Observers.” Nieman Reports. 1 October 2010. Available here.

“There’s Something You Need to See at Guantanamo Bay.” POLITICO Magazine. 22 January 2014. Available here.

Works about Caroll Bogert

"Caroll Bogert." Human Rights Watch. Human Rights Watch, 2014. Available here.

Works about media coverage of human rights

AbuZayyad, Ziad Khalil. "Human Rights, The Internet And Social Media: Has Technology Changed The Way See Things?." Palestine-Israel Journal Of Politics, Economics & Culture 18.4 (2013): 38-40. Available here.

Apodaca, Clair. "The Whole World Could Be Watching: Human Rights And The Media." Journal Of Human Rights 6.2 (2007): 147-164. Available here.

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Nancy Fraser (13 November 2014)

Works by Nancy Fraser

"Abnormal Justice." Critical Inquiry 34.3 (2008): 393-422. Available here.

Fraser, Nancy, and Axel Honneth. Redistribution or Recognition?: A Political-Philosophical Exchange. London: Verso, 2003. Available in the Muhlenberg Room, Trexler Library at call # 303.372 F842r.

"Injustice At Intersecting Scales: On 'Social Exclusion' And The 'Global Poor.'" European Journal Of Social Theory 13.3 (2010): 363-371. Available here.

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"Recognition Without Ethics?." Theory, Culture & Society 18.2/3 (2001): 21. Available here.

Scales of Justice: Reimagining Political Space in a Globalizing World. New York: Columbia University Press, 2009. Available here.

Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse, and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1989. Available here.

Works about Nancy Fraser and her scholarship

Funk, Nanette. "Contra Fraser On Feminism And Neoliberalism." Hypatia 28.1 (2013): 179-196. Available here.

Gransow, Bettina. "Reclaiming The Neighbourhood." China Perspectives 2014.2 (2014): 17-25. Available here.

"Nancy Fraser." New School for Social Research. New School, 2014. Available here.

Works about justice from feminist perspectives

Enns, Carolyn Z, and Ada L. Sinacore. Teaching and Social Justice: Integrating Multicultural and Feminist Theories in the Classroom. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2005. Available in Trexler Library, Muhlenberg Room, call # 370.115 E59t.

Fabos, Anita, and Emily Haddad. "Toward A Feminist Analysis Of 'Impact': Sondra Hale's Scholarship And Activism In And Beyond The University." Journal Of Middle East Women's Studies 10.1 (2013): 53-81. Available here.

Matthews, Sally. "Reflections On The Appropriate Use Of Unjustly Conferred Privilege." Theoria: A Journal Of Social & Political Theory 60.135 (2013): 23-41. Available here.

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