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Special Collections: The Ciarla (Muhlenberg College yearbook)

A user guide for the digitized "Ciarla," presented by Special Collections and Archives and sponsored by the Muhlenberg College Alumni Trust Fund.

Navigating the Ciarla

The digitized Ciarla is hosted by the Internet Archive and is arranged by academic year. It can be searched by keyword across the entire collection, or by selecting the desired academic year.

Search the entire Ciarla

Once you have reached the landing page for the Ciarla, which are sorted by date from most recent to oldest, you can enter a keyword in the search box on the right (see below). Be sure to select the button for "Text contents", not  "Metadata." Once you have typed your keyword and selected "Text contents," hit "Enter" on your keyboard (at this time, there is no "Search" button).


Once you have hit "Enter," search results will appear at left, with relevant hits occurring in each issue shown in yellow (see below).


You may then click on any issue/year of the Weekly and that year will open, with the search terms marked at the bottom of the screen with blue indicators (see below). Each indicator may be clicked to jump to the relevant page; the search term will be highlighted in purple. You will also see each search hit appearing in context along the left side of the page. You may also click on each instance to jump to the appropriate page. You may use the buttons in the lower right to flip pages, zoom in and out, and change the page layout.




Searching within one year of the Ciarla

You may also open a single issue of the Ciarla and search within it. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the left to open a search box (see below). Once you have searched, the blue indicators will appear along the bottom and in the left column, as discussed above. Note: using the white search box in the upper righthand corner of the screen will result in your leaving the Ciarla and searching the entire Internet Archive.