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Encompass Search Tips

Having trouble finding what you need from Encompass Search? Try:

  • Enter your search phrase in quotes when searching for a specific title or phrase.  This forces the search to locate ALL of the words IN THE ORDER GIVEN (not just anywhere in the record).  Use this strategy for locating a known item by title.
  • If you get too many results, try adding the author's name in your revised search (e.g., "complete poems" AND "emily dickinson") using boolean operators as below.
  • Combine search terms with standard “boolean” operators, like AND, OR, and NOT.  
    • Capitalize AND, OR and NOT to distinguish these search term connectors from your search terms (e.g. "Pride and Prejudice" AND DVD).
    • Use AND to search for items that contain both of your terms.
    • Use OR to search for items that contain either of your terms (e.g., heart OR cardiac). 
    • Use NOT to exclude terms from your search.
  • You can also limit results after the search by clicking the check boxes on the left sidebar of your search results (e.g., choose Print Book on the left if you want the Book Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice instead of a video).
  • If you find the title, but not the edition, year, or format you need, check to see if the “Group related editions” box is checked.  This is also known as “clustering” and you can un-select it to expand results. 
    • Alternatively, you can look under the “Editions and Formats” Drop down within the item record to see other editions & formats.
  • Searches default to showing items held by Libraries Worldwide (so you don't miss anything!)  You can also limit your results to items held locally by selecting 'Muhlenberg College Trexler Library' on the left side filters.
  • Items available to Muhlenberg College users are labeled "Available Muhlenberg College Trexler Library." See example below.

  • Items without the "Available" label or that say "At other libraries worldwide" are not in Muhlenberg College's collection, but most items not owned by Muhlenberg College can be requested via interlibrary loan. Click on the Request Item button.  For more information see: Interlibrary loan.