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Italian Renaissance

Reference Works

Secondary Scholarly Sources (Books)

Library of Congress Subject Headings (and selected titles) that may prove useful:

Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint Art.
Title: Blessed and beautiful : picturing the saints
Christian saints in art.
Christian art and symbolism
Masculinity Italy History.
Portraits Renaissance Italy
Title: The Renaissance portrait : from Donatello to Bellini ON RESERVE ARH 102
Title: Women in Italian Renaissance art : gender, representation, and identity
Mythology, Classical, in art.
Title: Classical Myths in Italian Renaissance Painting
Jesus Christ Art
Bible. Old Testament Illustrations 
Jesus Christ Nativity Art.
Bible. New Testament Illustrations.
Title: Gospel Figures in Art
‚ÄčTitle: Painting in late medieval and renaissance Siena (1260-1555)
Title: The Perfect Genre: Drama and Painting in Renaissance Italy
Title: The Imaginary Everyday: Genre Painting in Italy and France, 1580-1670

Secondary Scholarly Sources (Periodicals)

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