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Library Student Advisory Board

Information and resources relating to the Trexler Library Student Advisory Board

About the Board

Trexler Library recognizes the importance of having the student voice incorporated into library operations that impact the student experience. To accomplish this, we have formed the Library Student Advisory Board. The Student Advisory Board is a cross-college representative body of students charged with providing insight and recommendations regarding library services, programs, collections, and spaces. This group functions as a two-way communication channel for information exchange between students and Trexler Library. Library leadership is committed to seriously considering every recommendation passed along from this Advisory Board as a means of factoring in the student perspective.


The Student Advisory Board is charged with maintaining effective communication channels between the general student body, student organizations and their members, and Trexler Library. The Board will:  

  1. Provide student input and feedback in library operations;
  2. Involve students in the formulation of new library programs and facilities; 
  3. Solicit student opinion regarding existing and new library programs and services; and
  4. Spread awareness of Trexler Library services and resources to student peers. 

Volunteer/Recommend Someone to Join the Board!

If you're interested in this opportunity or know someone who would be a valuable addition to this group, please complete our Student Advisory Board Volunteer/Recommendation Form.

Commitment & Membership


Board members will be expected to meet once a month for one hour during the academic semester. Meetings will be set based on members’ availability. There may be additional time spent outside of meetings following through on action items or preparing for future meetings, etc. Though this is not a paid position, this is an opportunity for networking with other students, members of the library staff, resume experience, etc. Snacks will be provided for all board members during formal meetings.


Membership will be composed of current Muhlenberg students and no more than two Library staff members. Trexler Library wants its Student Advisory Board to represent the diversity of the current student body and therefore will be looking for students from various class years, degree programs, clubs, organizations, etc. Members will be chosen from a combination of volunteers and recommendations provided by current students, staff, and/or faculty.