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Professional Business Writing

Sample sources

Sample topics (from ChatGPT)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

    • Ethical responsibilities of corporations toward society.

    • Balancing profit-making with social and environmental concerns.

    • CSR reporting and transparency.

  • Ethical Decision-Making:

    • Ethical frameworks and models for decision-making.

    • Balancing the interests of various stakeholders.

    • Identifying and addressing conflicts of interest.

  • Ethics in Marketing and Advertising:

    • Truth in advertising.

    • Manipulative advertising and its consequences.

    • Targeting vulnerable populations.

  • Environmental Ethics:

    • Sustainable business practices.

    • Environmental impact assessments.

    • Greenwashing and its ethical implications.

  • Employee Rights and Relations:

    • Fair wages and labor practices.

    • Workplace discrimination and harassment.

    • Whistleblowing and protecting employees who report misconduct.

  • Supply Chain Ethics:

    • Ethical sourcing of materials and labor.

    • Eliminating child and forced labor.

    • Fair trade and responsible procurement.

  • Corporate Governance:

    • Board of directors' responsibilities and ethics.

    • Executive compensation and fairness.

    • Preventing corporate fraud and misconduct.

  • Ethics in Finance:

    • Insider trading and market manipulation.

    • Ethical investment and responsible finance.

    • Risk management and its ethical implications.

  • Ethics in International Business:

    • Cultural relativism vs. universal ethical standards.

    • Bribery and corruption.

    • Global supply chain ethics.

  • Technology and Data Ethics:

    • Data privacy and security.

    • Ethical use of artificial intelligence and automation.

    • Tech companies' social responsibility.

  • Ethics in Small Businesses:

    • Ethical challenges faced by small business owners.

    • Maintaining ethical practices with limited resources.

  • Ethical Leadership:

    • Leading by example.

    • Building an ethical corporate culture.

    • Ethical leadership in times of crisis.

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Business:

    • Real-world case studies and ethical dilemmas.

    • Ethical reasoning and problem-solving.

  • Business and Human Rights:

    • Respect for human rights in business operations.

    • Supply chain and labor rights.

  • Ethical Challenges in Emerging Industries:

    • Ethical considerations in emerging fields like biotechnology, AI, and cryptocurrencies.

  • Corporate Philanthropy and Giving:

    • Ethical considerations in corporate philanthropy and donations.

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Citing sources

For tips on citing print and electronic sources, visit Trexler Library's Citation Guides for Print and Electronic Resources.

Or visit the Online Writing Lab at Purdue.

For automated citation, try the shareware Zotero. Directions for installing Zotero here.

For help with annotated bibliographies, visit Purdue's Online Writing Lab for definitions and format of an annotation.

Articles and books via interlibrary loan

Articles and books not found in Trexler Library can be ordered on interlibrary loan.