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Dana Scholars: Scholars at Risk

Scholars at Risk Research, 2020

Connecting with International Nongovernmental Organizations and Think Tanks

"International nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have emerged as major players on the international scene in the post-Cold War global era. By 2010, estimates put the number of NGOs that work internationally at more than 50,000. They come in all shapes and sizes, but two major categories (which overlap) are advocacy and operational. Advocacy-focused groups address many social justice issues—for example, global integrity, rights of indigenous peoples, and gender rights. The more operationally focused groups work on a vast array of activities, ranging from HIV/AIDS programs to education, global health, and protecting the environment. "

Marshall, K., & Marshall. (2011). International Ngos. In W. Roof, & M. Juergensmeyer, Encyclopedia of global religions. Sage Publications. Credo Reference:

Exploring Advocacy Strategies

Public Opinion Data