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Rare Books Collection

Using Encompass to find items in the Rare Book collection

Encompass Search searches all libraries worldwide by default to ensure that you have the best chance of locating exactly what you need.  But, if you are looking for a particular book and want to limit your results to only items in Trexler Library's Rare Books Collection, you will need to combine search terms to limit your results.

For example: if you want to see a list of all the Bibles Trexler holds in its Rare Books Collection, type the following into the Encompass Search bar:

Bible AND b8:Rare Books Collection

You can browse the entire collection of Rare Books (in date order; oldest to newest) by entering the following search:

b8:Rare Books Collection 

(Note that books without a date attribution sort first in this browse, and may not be the oldest books in the collection...)

Recognizing Rare books in the catalog

All books in the Rare Book collection will be identified in the Encompass Catalog either by the prefix "RBK" or "T".

The Rare Books Collection at Trexler Library was formerly known as the "Treasures" Collection and was identified in the catalog with a "T" prefix (for Treasure)

As of 2019, all "T" prefixes are being migrated to "RBK" which more accurately reflects the content of the collection and doesn't conflict with the Muhlenberg College Collection prefix of T (which represents Alumni author's works)


Encompass Search

Getting started -- Using Encompass Search


Enter your search terms into the single search box, and click on 'Search'.

Then, use the sorting and filtering options on the left of the results page to refine your search.  (See the topics in the tabs to the left for more information on Sorting and Filtering).


Catalog Search box


Encompass Search uses a ‘keyword search’ which means that by default it will search for ANY of the terms you enter ANYWHERE in the database. This will result in lots of ‘hits’ but some of them might not be what you need. It often helps to enter specific phrases within quotes to get a more accurate search.

If you find that the results from Encompass Search are not what you expect, you may need to refine or enhance your search strategies (see “Encompass Search Tips”), or you may need to search special databases to access resources not yet available through Encompass Search.

If you need help in locating relevant resources, or would like assistance in searching, please contact or visit a Trexler Library research librarian.