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Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive

This guide showcases the collections of the Lehigh Valley LGBT Community Archive

Local Magazines & Periodicals

Above Ground (LVGBT-008)

A Lehigh Valley published periodical celebrating the local gay and lesbian community. The issues in this collection span 1994-1998.


Gaydar and The Gay Journal (LVLBGT-016)

Gaydar was published by Stephen Libby from 2004-2008; The Gay Journal commenced in 2016 and continues.


Miscellaneous LGBT Publications (LVLGBT-011)

This collection is made up of various publications including periodicals, books, pamphlets, and guides. Series I contains guides for LGBT voters for national and local elections. Series II contains guides for local Pride festivals. Series III contains "The Voice of the Valley," the newsletter of the Lehigh Valley Gay and Lesbian Task Force. Series IV contains miscellaneous books, pamphlets, and programs.

View digitized collections: Pride Guides   Voters' Guides  "Voice of the Valley"


Miscellaneous Transgender Publications (LVLGBT-026)

This collection comprises issues of three publications created for the transgender community. Series I contains two issues of LadyLike magazine. Series II contains 42 issues of Transgender Community News. Series III contains 56 issues of TV-TS Tapestry and Transgender Tapestry.

Panzee Press (LVLGBT-009) 

This collection is made up of issues of Panzee Press, a LGBTQ magazine published by Bolton Winpenny, from 2008-2009. There are missing issues from this collection.


Renaissance News / Renaissance News and Views (LVLGBT-025)

This collection of newsletters--first "Renaissance News," continued as "Renaissance News and Views"--spans from early 1992 through early 1995. It also contains several copies of "Greater Phila[delphia] Chapter News," as well as material relating to membership in Renaissance.

Valley Free Press / Valley Gay Press (LVLGBT-010)

The Valley Free Press/ Valley Gay Press was the gay and lesbian community news published in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania. The issues discussed include local politics, events, popular culture, and activism for anti-discrimination laws and marriage equality.

Gaydar, Summer 2008