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Muhlenberg College World War II Navy V-12 and V-5 Collection

Finding aid for Muhlenberg College World War II Navy V-12 and V-5 Collection, Trexler Library, Special Collections and Archives.

Box and Folder List

Series I: Forms, Brochures, & Correspondence


  • Box 1 - Student Lists: Civilians, Navy trainees, Marine trainees, "Religious Denominations for Civilian Students," 1943-1945


  • Box 2 - Training manuals, curricula, etc.                 

                   -Navy V-12 Bulletin (various issues)
                   -Correspondence of Harry A. "Haps" Benfer, Registrar, re: various students
                   -Book: "Muhlenberg V-12 Weekly Change of Status Report"
  •  Box 3 - "Victory Flashes from Muhlenberg" biweekly newsletter, various issues (see also T M952v)
                     Oversized Photographs


  • Box 4

                -Folder 1: Correspondence of President Levering Tyson re: wartime accelerated program, 1942
                -Folder 2: Various correspondence relating to the V-12 program, incl. requests for deferrments for professors.
                -Folder 3: Documentation relating to national accelerated programs
                -Folder 4: Booklets, including "On Board at Muhlenberg"
                -Folder 5: Sample certificates of course completions
                -Folder 6: Documents relating to Rusty Gizmo, mascot
                -Folder 7: Documents and clippings relating to the S.S. Muhlenberg Victory
    Folder 8: Naval History of the Navy V-12 Unit
    Folder 9: History of the V-5 Unit
    -Folder 10: Muhlenberg Magazine, Fall 1990 (contains stories and photographs about wartime Muhlenberg)
                -Folder 11: Photographs and articles relating Lt. Robert E. Fatherly
                -Folder 12: Photographs and documents relating to Commanders Douthit and Lowenstein, 1950
                -Folder 13: Material relating to Gordon Fister, Director of Public Relations
                -Folder 14: Veterans' responses to questionnaires, Summer 2014


Series II: Photographs

  •   Box 4   

                        -Folder 16: Wartime campus
                        -Folder 17: Rusty Gizmo (mascot)
                        -Folder 18: Wartime staff
                        -Folder 19: Everyday life (mess hall, PT, etc.)
                        -Folder 20: Various officers
                        -Folder 21: S.S. Muhlenberg Victory ship (1)
                        -Folder 22: S.S. Muhlenberg Victory ship (2)
                        -Folder 23: Reviewing the troops
                        -Folder 24: July 1, 1943 cohort (1)
                        -Folder 25: July 1, 1943 cohort (2)
                        -Folder 26: July 1, 1943 cohort (3)
                        -Folder 27: November 1, 1944 cohort (1)
                        -Folder 28: November 1, 1944 cohort (2)
                        -Folder 29: Miscellaneous 1944
                        -Folder 30: July, 1945 cohort
                        -Folder 31: Miscellaneous wartime campus