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Projector & Collaboration Station Technology Guide

A guide to using mobile collaboration stations and the projector located in the Information Commons room

Using the IC Projector

The projector in the Information Commons (IC) can be used with the Mac computer at the podium, or your own laptop, tablet, or phone. The Mac at the podium will need to be turned on regardless of which device you plan on using to project.

  1. Turn on the Mac computer located inside the second drawer of the podium. The power button is on the corner (see picture below).
  2. To turn on the projector, use the white remote, located in the same drawer.
  3. The projector screen should now display what is on the monitor.  If not, ensure that the “MAC” button is selected (red light) on the switchboard located in the bottom cabinet of the podium.


  1. If your laptop has a HDMI port, plug in the blue HDMI cable located in the second drawer with the Mac. If your laptop does have an HDMI port, use the VGA cable (and optional audio cable if required). Be sure to also press the HDMI or VGA button on the switchboard as appropriate.
  2. Your laptop’s screen should now display on the projector screen


If you would like to connect wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or laptop, see the Connecting Wirelessly tab.


Check that the correct input is selected on the switchboard if your screen is not projecting.

Connection Cords