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Projector & Collaboration Station Technology Guide

A guide to using mobile collaboration stations and the projector located in the Information Commons room

Using the Mobile Collaboration Stations

You can project onto the mobile collaboration screens using the attached HDMI cables or wirelessly using the Mirroring360 software.

  1. Plug the extension cord into an outlet.

  2. Turn on the Mac located behind the monitor (Figure 1).

  3. Use the remote attached to the desk (Figure 2), to turn the screen on. You will need to point the remote directly at the red light on the bottom left of the screen.

  4. If nothing shows up on the screen, push the HDMI/PC button on the remote until the screen says HDMI1 (Figure 3).

Connect Using HDMI Input

  1. Plug the blue HDMI cable into your laptop.

  2. Use the HDMI/PC button on the right side of the remote until the screen says HDMI2 (Figure 3).

  3. Your laptop screen should now be mirrored on the monitor.

If you would like to connect wirelessly with your phone, tablet, or laptop, see the Connecting Wirelessly tab.



Figure 2

Figure 3