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New York Times Group Passes

Activating the Pass

New York Times

Trexler Library is happy to offer a pass to access through an Academic Site License. The license provides full access to news, multimedia, and archives of the New York Times.  This access is only available to current Muhlenberg College faculty, students, and staff. Each person must activate their pass using their Muhlenberg email address. 


Step-by-step visual instructions available in this Google Doc or use basic steps below: 

  1. While connected to the Muhlenberg network (either on campus or connected remotely via our VPN), go to
  2. Using your Muhlenberg email address, click on ‘Create an Account’ or ‘Log in to Continue’ if you already have an account.
  3. If activated correctly, you should see a screen indicating the expiration of your pass (should be about a year later).
  4. Once activated, you may log in and access from any device, from any location. (Log in using your email address as the username and the password you created for this NYTimes pass.)


  • The Group Pass must be activated while physically within our campus network, either on campus or VPN. If you are off-campus and do not have VPN access, please use this link:
  • After activation, you must be logged in to your account which is associated with your Group Pass registration (Muhlenberg email address)
  • If you are a current NYTimes Digital subscriber using your Muhlenberg email, you will not be able to claim a pass. 
  • If you have a daily pass, that pass must expire before you can claim this year-long pass.
  • Other issues, contact Tina Hertel ( or x3550.


Additional Information

Information describing what is included with the Academic site license, troubleshooting, and additional information.

Other Ways to Access the New York Times

In addition to this campus wide site license to, Trexler Library also offers the following ways to access the New York Times.

Information about accessing any of the above three options are available here

Trexler Library will continue to maintain these other means to access the New York Times, especially given the restriction on using the archive:

At this time, access to articles from 1923 to 1980 is limited to five articles for the entire duration of your Pass.


Other News Sources

We are often asked about access to other kinds of news sources.
Wall Street Journal Online ( Access
Trexler Library offers current students, faculty, and staff the option to have full access to all The Wall Street Journal content on the website. See the Wall Street Journal Online guide for instructions for setting up your individual account.
The Wall Street Journal can also be accessed online (text only) via:  This Subscription offers access to articles from 1984 the present. 
Chronicle of Higher Education
Also, for particular interest to faculty and staff at Muhlenberg, the library also provides digital access to The Chronicle of Higher Education. While on campus, you should be able to read articles directly. To access articles off-campus you must have a Chronicle account under your Muhlenberg email address. Create a Chronicle account here: using your Muhlenberg email address. You can set up the account while on-campus or off-campus.