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New York Times Group Passes

First Year Program and Leadership Program

Below are links for guides to incorporate The New York Times into First Year or Leadership programs on campus.

InEducation Program (offering subject areas):

Leadership Program:

Other News Databases

A small selection of print newspapers is available next to the Reading Lounge on Level A of Trexler Library. To see the list of print newspapers click here.

The majority of news sources provided by Trexler Library are available online. Here is a list of online sources. 

Other News Regional Sources

Other Regional & local newspapers
Trexler Library also subscribes to the U.S. Northeast Newsstream, which is linked here:
This database includes current news articles and archives of several hundreds newspapers that stretch back into the 1980s. The content spans newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, and news sites in full-text format for key city and regional news sources. You can see a full title list on the database page (click on "Publications"). Here are just a few of the holdings that may be of interest to you or your students:
The Morning Call 1984-present
Philadelphia Inquirer 1983-present
Boston Globe 1997-present 
Barron's 1988-present
Hartford Courant 1992-present
New York Daily News 1995-present
New York Observer 2001-present
New York Post 1998-present
Newsday 1985-present
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 1993-present
The Record (Bergen County) 1996-present
USA Today 1997-present
Village Voice 1993-2015
Plus many small town newspapers
We have print issues of :
Guardian Weekly
Lehigh Valley Business
Le Monde. Selection hebdomadaire.
Sunday Times (London)
Washington Post
Die Zeit
This is just a small sampling of what we provide access for in the mainstream news realm. We also have a variety of other print and online news sources, including a range of magazines, as well as some resources in other languages. While we cannot provide universal access to all news sources, we strive to meet a broad range of needs. Should you have any questions or are not sure about how to access any of these, please reach out to any of the librarians. Additionally, we are happy to work with you on how you can provide links to these resources, articles, or other sources directly into your courses in Canvas by working with either your subject specialist or with library reserves. 
Stay informed!