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Troubleshooting Ebook access

Listed below are examples of the most common errors we encounter when helping people to access ebooks.  Links are provided to next steps for solving each type of error.

Other Common Errors

If you find a link to a resource or ebook, but the link takes you to a different resource (most often with the same title), please send us a "Broken link" report by clicking on "Report a broken link" in the catalog record.

We will try to determine whether we do have access to the book you want--and get you the proper link to the book.  If we do not happen to have access to the book, your next recourse is to request it through Interlibrary Loan.

The link doesn't go directly to the article I want!

Sometimes links to articles in the catalog do not resolve directly to the article cited in the catalog.  If you wind up at a vendor's website instead of the article in question, try searching for the title of the article (or the volume, issue, and page number of the journal) in the vendor's search box.  Often this will locate the proper article for you.

If the above still doesn't get you to the proper article, please let us know!  Use the "Report a broken link" button in the catalog.

If you get to a vendor site that says you need to pay for access, please let us know!

Some vendors include links to items for which some, but not ALL of the content is open access or otherwise available.  If you get to such content, please email us at (or use the broken link report) describing the problem.  We will work to get you the content you are looking for--if it is available--or at least fix the link so future patrons don't get the same error!

If the content is not held by Muhlenberg, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan.  For more information see the Interlibrary loan page below.

If you are receiving an error page that says 

"Oops! It looks like you have attempted to view a page that has not been configured for access"

Please report the problem to the library using the 'Report a Broken link' function in the catalog or by filling out the Broken link report form linked below.

The link goes to a review of the book, but not the book itself...

We have chosen to index book reviews along with other content in the Encompass catalog to help you determine if you want a particular book--even if we do not hold it.  Unfortunately, many times the review of the book is given the same title as the book (or article) itself, with no indication that it's a review.

If you locate a book review but want the book, try searching the catalog again and limiting your search to "Print book."  This will eliminate all articles with the same title. 

Additionally if you can locate the ISBN of the book in the review article, you can search for it in Encompass for a more exact search.  Type "bn:" followed by the ISBN to perform this search.  

If you locate a review of an journal article, but not the article itself, try locating the journal by title in the Journal Finder.  Then locate the article using the volume, issue, and page number from the citation in the review.

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