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Troubleshooting Ebook access

When the link you click doesn't take you to the content you need, the first thing you should check is whether there is an alternate link to get to the resource!

Many of our resources are available from several different vendors on different platforms.  Sometimes the first link--the one that shows on the first page of search results as shown below-- may be 'broken' but there is ANOTHER link that will get you the resource you need. 

Check for other links

Simply click on the blue title link (highlighted in the screenshot below) to access the full record for the resource.

The "View full text" link shown above will resolve to the FIRST link related to the record... there may be other links available if you open up the main record for the resource!  The next screenshot shows where to click to see if there are alternate links available!

The screenshot below shows where to click on "Access Online" to see if there are alternate links available.  It's at the bottom of the opened full record.

When you open the "Access Online" drop-down, you may see several links for the resource.  

Try the second (or third...) link to see if there is access to the article or resource available from other vendors.