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Finding and Using Ebooks at Trexler Library

How to locate, get access to and use ebooks from on and off campus.

Ebooks are licensed for use by the publisher. The publisher sets the terms and limits for the usage permitted.

How an ebook can be used will vary somewhat from one ebook provider’s website to another. Variation occurs because of differences in licensing, differences in the design of the website, and whether you are accessing from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Generally, you should look on each vendor's ebook details page for information about permitted uses.

Below is some general information on how you can use ebooks.  For an overview of 'vendor specific' information see the Ebooks at a glance tab to the left. For more detailed vendor information, see the Ebook platforms tab to the left. 

Reading options

Read Online - as long as you have internet access, you can open and read the whole ebook on your device (computer, tablet, phone) through a web browser. However, sometimes reading on a tablet or phone is easier using an App which might require a login. Sometimes an ebook has a limit on the number of simultaneous users (1 or 3 users at a time, for example).

Download chapter - you can get (or download) a digital file copy of a single chapter. The file is usually in PDF format. You may be able to download multiple chapters. Look for download links in the ebook’s table of contents.

Download entire ebook - on some websites you can download an entire ebook. You may be checking out the ebook for a limited amount of time, or you may be able to download the ebook without restrictions (depending on the publisher's rules). Downloading an ebook may require using an additional personal login to the vendor's site (you set up your own free account). Also, you may need to download free third-party software. See each vendor's information on the Ebook platforms tab for more specifics.

Additional uses

Search - you can search for words or names within an ebook.  This can help in quickly locating information relevant to your needs within an ebook.  Sometimes you can also set bookmarks within an ebook to further assist in re-locating needed information-- though this will almost always require a personal account with the vendor.

Copying - Usually you can copy pages, however there may be a limit on how many pages you can copy set by the publisher. Look at the information about each ebook for specifics.

Printing - Usually you can print pages from the ebook, however there may be a limit on how many pages you can print set by the publisher.  Look at the information about each ebook for specifics. The Print option can be used on some platforms to generate a PDF file.

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