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Use WILDCARDS or TRUNCATION (i.e., shortening a word to its root or base form using a designated symbol) for words that might have more than one significant form, OR for terms that might have alternative spellings.​​

First, type as much of the word that you KNOW is correct.

  • The catalog software will try to help you out by providing 'typeahead' options.

NOTE: A minimum of three characters must precede any of the following symbols.

Use an asterisk (*) to indicate any number of letters.

  • Add to the end of a word to retrieve multiple variant endings.
  • This kind of search returns records with zero or more characters in place of the truncation symbol.
  • Example: connect* retrieves connect, connection, connectivity, etc.

Use a pound sign (aka hashtag, octothorpe; #) to represent a single character.

  • Replaces one character in a search.
  • Example: wom#n retrieves woman and women

Use a question mark (?) to match missing (zero) or up to nine characters.

  • Replaces 0 to 9 unknown characters in a search term.
  • If ? is followed by a number, it replaces the specified number of unknown characters (?n where n= a number from 1 to 9).
  • Examples: 

    encyclop?dia retrieves encyclopedia and encyclopaedia

    res?4tion retrieves respiration, restoration, reservation, etc.