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Federal Depository Library Information Guide

Information on locating and using Government Documents at Trexler Library.

Starting Research using Gov. Docs

Starting points for research using Federal Government resources.

The easiest way to access "Government Documents" at Trexler Library is to use our Online Catalog, Encompass Search.  

In the process of your research you may naturally find items with alpha-numeric call numbers other than Dewey Decimal numbers.  Call numbers beginning with a letter are usually either items from the Federal Depository or they are Special Collections items.

Look at the Shelving Location in the catalog record to determine where an item is located.  If the location says "U.S. Government Publications..." you've found a Gov. Doc!  If there's a link on the record, you can access the content directly; if there is no link, then see the following guide on how to locate the document on the shelves!