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Federal Depository Library Information Guide

Information on locating and using Government Documents at Trexler Library.

Executive branch

The Executive branch comprises the President, the Vice President, and the Cabinet

This branch is responsible for:

  • Executing the law as proposed by the Legislative Branch
  • The President is head of state, executive of the federal government, and Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • The Vice President supports the president.  If the President is unable to serve, the vice president becomes president. Vice President also presides over the U.S. Senate, and is the 51st and 'tie breaking' vote.
  • The Cabinet comprises the vice president, heads of executive departments, and other high ranking government officials. Cabinet members serve as advisors to the president, and are nominated by the president to be approved by the Senate.

U.S. Executive branch

U.S. Executive Branch

Daily documents issued by the Office of the President, including newly approved Acts, checklist of Press Releases, White House Announcements, and nominations sent to the Senate. (1992 to present)

Current information from the President - briefings, issues, staff.

Browse and search all Titles of the Code of Federal Regulations. Includes historical regulatory changes back to January 2017. To find proposed regulations, look in the Federal Register.

The Federal Register is published every business day by the National Archives and Records Administration. It is "the daily journal of the Federal government" and contains Federal agency regulations; Proposed Rules and Notices of interest to the public; Executive orders; Proclamations; Other Presidential documents.

Links from  Find contact information for U.S. federal government departments and agencies including websites, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and more.