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Graphic Novels at Trexler Library

A guide to help you find some of the library’s hidden treasures.

Locating Graphic novels in the library

Graphic Novels:

A guide to help you find some of

 the library’s hidden treasures…


© 1995 Bill Watterson


Locating graphic novels (and comics) in the collection

Only recently has the acquisition of graphic novels (formerly known as comics or cartoons) been included as a part of the scholarly record at academic institutions.

For a Librarian, the classification of these pose a bit of a problem… are they primarily art works? Are they literature? What about graphic novels that treat non-fiction subjects?  Librarians have struggled with where and how to classify these items for many years.

At Trexler Library, we have placed the many--and ever increasing number of-- graphic novels we acquire in several different classifications, depending on the content and the type of graphic work.

See the next few sections for examples and how to search for them.