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Graphic Novels at Trexler Library

A guide to help you find some of the library’s hidden treasures.

How Graphic Novels are classified

There isn't a separate "graphic novel" section in the Library (like there often is in a bookstore) because graphic novels are classified according to several things:

  1. Fictional works are classified by Genre or Form - Most graphic novels that are fictional 'stories' will be classified as art works (this is as close as we get to a 'graphic novel' section...but it isn't the whole story!)
  2. Non-fiction works are classified by Subject - If a graphic novel is about a specific subject, we will classify it along with that subject, so when you locate books on the subject, you can also find the graphical treatment of it.  See the tab marked "Subject" for more info.
  3. Some works are classified by Audience - If a graphic novel is meant to appeal to a younger audience (grade school for example) we will add it to the JUVENILE collection on level 'C' 

the 'ge:' genre search

Searching by genre (using the search ge=graphic novels ) is the best way to locate items of this type no matter where they are physically located in Trexler Library. 

Genre term search can also be profitably used to search for movies or literature of a certain genre.


For a complete list of genre terms to search, see the link below.