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Graphic Novels at Trexler Library

A guide to help you find some of the library’s hidden treasures.

Graphic novels have their own genres as well.

Many graphic novels can be said to be 'about' something while still being fictional works.  Sometimes specific genres of graphic novels are created around these subjects.

See the following chart for the Dewey numbers describing some of these sub-genres.

Try a genre search for these headings as well! (i.e. ge:Action and adventure comics)

Criticism by Genre

Subject or Genre heading Critical appraisal of the genre goes in
Action and adventure comics 741.535
Alternative comics 741.5311
Autobiographical comics 741.5351
Biographical comics 741.5351
Detective and mystery comics 741.53556
Erotic comics 741.53538
Fantasy comics 741.5315
Grassroots comics 741.5311
Historical comics 741.5358
Horror comics 741.53164
Humorous comics 741.5317
Manga 741.5952
Nonfiction comics 741.5358
Paranormal comics 741.537
Political comics 741.56
Pornographic comics 741.53538
Religious comics 741.5382
Romance comics 741.53543
Science fiction comics 741.5315
Sports comics 741.53579
Spy comics 741.5358
Superhero comics 741.5352
Thriller comics 741.53164
Underground comics 741.5311
Utopian comics 741.5313
War comics 741.53581
Western comics 741.5358
Women, portrayal of in comics 741.53522


Search by genre

Searching by genre (using the search ge=graphic novels ) is the best way to locate items of this type no matter where they are physically located in Trexler Library. 

Genre term search can also be profitably used to search for movies or literature of a certain genre.


For a complete list of genre terms to search, see the link below.