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Graphic Novels at Trexler Library

A guide to help you find some of the library’s hidden treasures.

Of course the Library also has many books about graphic novels. 

They will be shelved in the 'art' section of the Dewey Decimal system in the subdivisions of 741.5.

Dewey class 741.5 about graphic novels

Books about cartoons, comics, and graphic novels. are all shelved in 741.5 "Comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips"

741.5+ subdivisions
741.501 Philosophy & theory (including general criticism of the form)
741.5023 Comics as a profession, occupation, hobby
741.503 Encyclopedia, dictionaries, etc.
741.507 Bibliographies
741.5071 Graphic novels--teaching methods
741.5074 Museums and exhibits
741.5075 Comic books, etc.--collecting
741.509 History - in GENERAL [locate history of specific title/series/character, etc. with the subject]

Biography (use for general / collective biography only.

Note: biographies of individual artists will be shelved with their works)

741.509 +geo History by geographic area...  add geographic area code, for example:
741.50+973 History of comics in America (+973)
741.50+952 History of comics in Japan (i.e. Manga) (+952)
741.51 Techniques, procedures, apparatus, equipment, materials
741.53 Special aspects of comic books, graphic novels, fotonovelas, cartoons, caricatures, comic strips + critical appraisal of the special aspects [see subtable]
741.59+  Books about & criticism of Graphic novels and cartoons by geographic location (typically country)

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