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Public Performance Rights (PPR) for video at Trexler Library

Many of the documentary films licensed for streaming use by Trexler Library already include Public Performance Rights. 

See each vendor's tab below for specific information.

Streaming Media with PPRs

According to our Kanopy rep: "all of our Kanopy titles come with showing rights that allow you to host events and screen our films, so long as the screening is free and held on your campus grounds. Our rights do not permit the streaming of our films virtually over Zoom or other conferencing programs."

Streaming video with NO PPRs

Note that most streaming 'Feature Films' do NOT have public performance rights (PPR) included. 

This includes most films from Swank and Criterion Pictures. 

This doesn't mean you can't use a film from these vendors, but it does mean that if you wish to publicly screen a film from these vendors outside the classroom, you will need to procure PPR prior to viewing.  

For more information see "What are PPR"