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Public Performance Rights (PPR) for video at Trexler Library

Video with PPR

Trexler Library has obtained public performance rights for more than 480 films and counting, as well as many streaming videos. 

A list of films held by Trexler Library with PPR can be generated in Encompass Search with the following advanced search: 

nt:Limited PPR AND l4:EVI

Note that the search above represents only video on physical media (DVD, BluRay & VHS) in the Library. For information about availability of streaming video titles with PPR, please see the tab 'Streaming Media and PPR' at left.

Although the list from the link above represents only a small portion of our collection of over 6600 titles, this is generally ok because most of our films are used either for teaching or for private use by students or staff. 

Please note that:

  • Videos purchased with PPR tend to be documentaries or educational films.
  • In general, the library’s large collection of “Feature Films” DO NOT have PPR.