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Public Performance Rights (PPR) for video at Trexler Library

Restrictions on use

Specific rights have been granted to Trexler Library for these films, but they also have specific restrictions...

Please be aware that each film has its own license which may include further restrictions such as one or more of the following:

  • No admission fee of any kind;

  • Viewing limited to on-campus, and/or to Muhlenberg students, faculty and staff only;

  • No broadcasting (including group streaming via Zoom!);

  • Educational use only;

  • Audience size limitations;

  • Restrictions on advertising.

Because each license can be different, actions allowed for one film may be restricted for another.  If you need information on what you can or cannot do with a specific film, please contact Library staff.

If you would like to use a video for a public performance as defined in this guide, the specific terms of the licenses for individual films that have PPRs can be provided by library staff.

Please contact Karen Gruber, Acquisitions and Budget Manager

(phone: 484-664-3570, email:

  • for information about specific licenses;
  • if you have additional questions regarding the terms of use of these items or
  • if you would like a license with broader terms. 

For further questions about PPR or other aspects of copyright, contact the Scholarly Communication Librarian at .