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Music Research - finding the score

How to locate music scores for research and performance at Trexler Library.

Dramatic vocal music

Dramatic music: SCO 782.1-782.2

Music meant to be performed in a "dramatic" setting with soloists and ensemble singers.

SCO 782.1 Operas
SCO 782.12 Operettas
SCO 782.14 Musicals
SCO 782.298 Liturgical dramas

Vocal ensemble music

Vocal ensemble music: SCO 782.3-782.9

Music for vocal ensembles with more than one voice per part

Sacred service music: SCO 782.3

NOTE: this includes music expressly written for solo or group singing in a sacred service.  Music for Congregational singing (i.e. Hymnals) are shelved in 781.7

SCO 782.32  Christian sacred service music
SCO 782.3238 Requiem masses
SCO 782.324-6 Divine office (hours)
SCO 782.343 Buddhist sacred service music
SCO 782.345 Hindu sacred service music
SCO 782.36 Jewish sacred service music
SCO 782.37 Islamic devotional music

Choral music: SCO 782.5-782.9

Music for mixed choir or specific voice parts, including Cantatas, Motets, Oratorios, Anthems, etc.

Includes sacred music originally composed for worship, but now commonly performed in concert.

SCO 782.5

Choral works for mixed voices,

including Motets, Cantatas, Oratorios, Anthems, etc.

SCO 782.6 Choral works for women's voices 
SCO 782.7 Choral works for children's voices
SCO 782.8 Choral works for men's voices
SCO 782.9

Choral works for other voices 

including spoken narration, sprechstimme.