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Music Research - finding the score

How to locate music scores for research and performance at Trexler Library.

Solo instrumental music

Music for instruments solo

These classes include both music for the instrument alone (solo) or for the instrument with keyboard accompaniment.  

They also will include music for multiple instruments of the same kind, i.e. 2 violins, or 3 flutes.  Music for multiple instruments of different kinds are classed with ensemble music (i.e. violin and viola, or flute, violin, and piano)

The Dewey classes for instruments conform to the general outline of:

Keyboard, electronic, and percussion music in 786

Keyboard music in 786.1-5

Piano music (including harpsichord, etc.) in 786.2

Organ music in 786.5

Electronic music (solo and ensembles) in 786.7

Percussion music (solo and ensembles) in 786.8

Strings in 787

Winds in 788 with

Woodwinds in 788.1-8

Brass in 788.9