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Music Research - finding the score

How to locate music scores for research and performance at Trexler Library.

String ensembles: 785.7

String ensembles: 785.7 

785=Ensemble music+ .7=Strings +Subdivisions

Description Dewey Shelved by Notes
Miscellaneous collections SCO 785.7001 Title Anthologies of more than one type of String Ensemble music (i.e. containing Quartets AND trios)
String duets (2 different types*, eg. violin & viola) SCO 785.702 Composer *Class duets using the same instrument (e.g. 2 violins) with the instrument
String trios (violin, viola, 'cello) SCO 785.703 Composer The 'standard' string trio
Other string trios SCO 785.7031 Composer
Piano trios (piano, violin, 'cello) SCO 785.7032 Composer The 'standard' piano trio
Other trios for piano and strings SCO 785.7033 Composer
String quartets (2 violins, viola, 'cello) SCO 785.704 Composer The 'standard' string quartet
Other string quartets SCO 785.7041 Composer
Piano Quartets (piano, violin, viola, 'cello) SCO 785.7042 Composer The 'standard' piano quartet
Other quartets for piano and strings SCO 785.7043 Composer
String quintets (all combinations) SCO 785.705 Composer
Piano quintets (piano, 2 violins, viola, violoncello) SCO 785.7052 Composer
Other quintets for piano and strings SCO 785.7053 Composer
String sextets (all combinations) SCO 785.706 Composer
Sextets for piano and strings SCO 785.7062 Composer
String septets, octets, etc. (all combinations) SCO 785.707 Composer
Septets, octets, etc. for piano and strings SCO 785.7072 Composer